Starter Kit1

Starter Kit2

Electric Starter

1940-53 KI-10330L 

1935-39 KI-10330E

Faux crank arm (optional), black, 35-53 76234E (excludes 75572K as you can reuse your existing pedal assy)

Pedal kit, includes pedal, pin, bolt, nut 35-53 75572K

Offset kickstart stud 39933

Battery 188002VES

Lithium battery 188002VLES

Kiwi Indian Electric Starter Kit
1940-53 KI-10330L
1935-39 KI-10330E

Kiwi Indian Motorcycles has developed the ultimate electric starter. With this kit, just pop off the chainguard & kickstart assembly, drop in the electric starter, run a few wires, throw a few parts back on and you are ready to ride.


  • *Easy installation
  • *Fits neatly under chainguard and looks part of the original design.
  • *High torque, gear reduction starter.
  • *High-end ball bearing/keyed/sealed Sprag clutch.
  • *Partial gear/chain drive. Gear primary drive for torque reduction and positive engagement. Chain final drive allows for frame misalignment.
  • *Battery remains in same position as stock.
  • *Starter Button included.
  • *Fits both 3 and 4-speed transmission.
  • *American made and engineered.


*Must be 12v converted (see below for conversion kit)

* All Parts and wiring is included in kit (except 39933 offset kickstart stud and battery)


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Faux Crank Arm (ONLY) for Electric Start

Starter Kit3

Battery Charger/Maintainer
Starter Kit4



Screen Shot 2019 07 23 at 1.57.17 PM


1952-53 starter stabilizer bracket diagram (click on picture)
Starter Kit Drawing