Repaired center stand lugs. Very tricky to repair as the holes cannot be drilled after the frame was originally made. We have the technique

- FrameA Repaired kickstart casting with added custom made gusset to blend in when powdercoated. Adds strength and looks close to factory. Class work FrameB Stock frame casting (for comparison) -Center stand pivot tabs: Indian had weak center stand pivot tabs on the frame casting which quite often break off. We not only need to increase its strength and rebuild the broken off area but the 2 pivot holes need to be kept open as the holes cannot be machined in place after such repairs are done as the frame tubes are in the way. This casting was originally manufactured as a separate part and then fitted into the frame and welded into place. Over the years we have developed a method to build up this area while still retaining the 5/16 dia holes.

-Frame kickstart casting: It is not uncommon for the kickstart stud casting to crack. This was most likely due the cast material not having enough ductility which leads to brittleness and breakage over time. On this frame we added a gusset to add strength to support the kickstart crank stud while blending it nicely for cosmetic purposes. This area sees a huge amount of torque being applied during the kickstarting process. Once the frame is powdercoated nobody will recognize this classy repair.