Transmission case is carefully dismantled to observe for signs of preexisting problems. The 4 mounting feet are placed on a surface plate to check for flatness. Machine if necessary.

Rear transmission mount is prone to cracking. We crack detect this area.

All bearings/bushings are removed especially the countershaft bushings no matter even if they appear ok. These are usually a problem area from the factory and we take no risks.

Countershaft bores are checked for size.

Countershaft bores are checked for alignment to the main shaft bearing bore axis.

Main shaft, countershaft and shifter fork shaft are checked for straightness.

Cluster gear is either set up for bushings or ROLLER bearings. We do NOT use needle bearings as these are prone to random failure. Roller bearings take 40% more loading than needle bearings and are ideal for heavy use applications however it is definitely a nice upgrade to do on any transmission.

Countershaft removal hole in right side of case is tapped for a 1/8 pipe thread so as a plug can be fitted so as to eliminate any chance of an oil leak.

Cluster gear end float set using a dial indicator.

Main shaft end float set using a dial indicator. hjkuytrrt954

Transmission case is carefully aligned to engine using jigs.